Seeing the Good through the Bad

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Jim LaMar under Family, Friend of the Family, Funeral Home, Grief, Uncategorized
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Sometimes I ponder on all the negative information we are bombarded with daily. Everywhere you turn, you are inundated with negative news primarily covering tragedies, cruelties, hardships, pain and prejudices, etc.  Though these certainly are part of what we suffer through, there are plenty of positive acts displayed all around us daily:  people stepping up to help others, acts of redemption and reconciliation, and human achievements that lift us all up. Sometimes, all it takes is the willingness to focus on these “random acts” of kindness and beauty instead of the negative events which surround us.

If we can change our focus, I believe not only can we see the good surrounding us, we can be the Good others see.

Those in our profession encounter families at some of the worst moments in their lives and are tasked with helping them turn those dire moments into lasting memories worthy of the lives they’re honoring.

I hope and pray that in doing so, in the service of our own calling, we help families find the light in their darkness. Let us all be agents of Good.

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